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Seafloor Spreading and Subduction Reading Comprehension and Application Activity. Great for interactive notebooks or paste reading passage on construction paper and do the activity on the other side of the construction paper!


If your teaching Seafloor Spreading, this is an EASY and FUN lab to do with your students!! This lab is a great way to get students actively engaged in hands-on, cooperative learning! After following the EASY step-by-step instructions, students answer questions (analyze & conclude worksheet attached) about the lab challenging them to think critically about the process of seafloor spreading.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

6th grade seafloor spreading worksheet

This is a worksheet for seafloor spreading for a unit on plate tectonics.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Layers of the Earth, Continental Drift, and Seafloor Spreading Quiz

Earth's Layers, Continental Drift, and Seafloor Spreading Quiz: Assess student knowledge of the theory of continental drift, the process of seafloor spreading, and the basics of Earth's layers (including the lithosphere and asthenosphere). #TpT #TeachersPayTeachers #LLLab #geology #middleschool #highschool #education #assessment #continentaldrift #layersoftheearth #earthslayers #lithosphere #asthenosphere #seafloorspreading #alfredwegener