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Alexander's in Fish Creek | expensive steak & seafood place, but I would love to go here for appetizers, like escargot, crab cakes, baked brie, etc.

from Coastal Living

2011 America's Best Seafood Dives

America’s Favorite Seafood Dives | Massachusetts | Linda and I ate at all 3 locations when we lived in Boston. Great fud! Linda cannot eat shellfish, however they have other great fish dishes! John Brumbaugh


Boiling Crab's The-Whole-Sha-Bang [sauce: butter, bag louisiana shrimp boil, lemon, garlic, cayenne, paprika, lemon pepper, cajun seasoning, old bay seasoning, louisiana hot sauce,

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Your ultimate guide to New York

Celestino - seafood place in Bed Stuy from founder of Piadina

from Yahoo Singapore Finance

5 Affordable Seafood Places In Singapore That You Surely Can’t Resist

5 Affordable Seafood Places In Singapore That You Surely Can’t Resist - Yahoo Singapore Finance

La lancha // San Juan Del Sur // Best seafood place in town, try the lobster tail for 6$

"New seafood place Maguro Brothers Hawaii " 魚を知り尽くした兄弟のお店「マグロ・ブラザーズ」 | ハワイ最新情報満載!プーコのハワイサイト


Our favorite seafood place in New Orleans, Deanie's Seafood. This is their 1/2 Seafood Platter. Yes, 1/2! After having the BBQ Shrimp and Charbroiled Oysters, my husband and I always split a 1/2 platter and we still can't finish it!.


Fresh Seafood Place - If there's one place I would keep on coming back to, this will be it. I love the fresh air, seafood and view.

from Coastal Living

The Best Seafood Dives in Maine

A guide to the best seafood restaurants in Maine. Maine is known for it's fantastic seafood; lobsters, crab, clams, swordfish, etc.