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Images, copyright and Creative Commons. A very comprehensive plan for teachers/teacher librarians that gives steps on how to teach this topic in their school. There are links, videos and images that could be used as they are presented of easily modified to suit the school or classes situation.


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The World’s easist way to search for safe, creative commons images and cite them.


How to search for copyright-friendly images. Tutorials for searching Creative Commons, Google Image Search, and Flickr. Great guide for students & teachers.

Use Creative Commons Search feature to find pictures, videos, and media that is safe and legal to use.


Internet Search to address Common Core The Common Core ELA Writing Standard 8 requires students to navigate the Internet for research and evaluate the validity of the sites to support their claims. The introduction to this starts in Kindergarten and progresses each year.

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Flickr: The Commons

"The Commons" - new Flickr feature of public photograph, many with no known copyright restrictions. Many world-wide institutions participating by contributing their collections to this online tool! Great for in classroom to generate discussion, debate, etc!