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The Colonia Fara (Colony Fara) is located on 13 Via Preli, in the town of Chiavari, in the district of Tigullio, in the province of Genoa, Italy. In 1935, the Colonia Fara was commissioned by the National Fascist Party as a seaside summer resort / camp for kids. It was used as a summer camp, a youth hostel, and an elementary school before being abandoned in 1999.


Marina di Pisciotta, Italy: Secret Seaside

Our series uncovers the best unsung beach holiday resorts in Europe. Here, Lee Marshall profiles Marina di Pisciotta, in southern Italy, with information on accommodation, attractions and restaurants


Adria Aerial Photography by Bernhard Lang


Europe's hidden seaside resorts: in pictures


La Pelosa Beach, Stintino, Sardinia - Italy. Stintino is located on the peninsula of the same name, running from Nurra plain to the Asinara Island, part of the Asinara National Park, for which Stintino is the nearer embarkment place. It is a popular seaside resort and is provided with three tourist ports.


Marettimo, Italy: Secret Seaside

Introducing a new series on lesser known summer retreats, Lee Marshall heads for Marettimo, an island off the coast of Sicily which has just one beach, one hotel, no cars – and lots and lots of authentic charm.