Such a fun art and writing idea - have student write about their favorite season, then draw what they would see out their window in that season. They can then "hang curtains" on their window.

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Teaching your little ones the months of the year along with which season they belong to with my Seasons Printable Pack. It includes a worksheet and a game.

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This song is very catchy as well as introduces the 4 seasons and some of the characteristics that each season has. This would be a wonderful video to introduce the idea of the 4 seasons before you begin teaching it to the class. It could also use it as an interactive activity where the students answer what season it is before the answer is revealed.

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seasons tree, science and art project...although...for Hawaii, the tree would look pretty much the same for all 4 seasons lol...could add rain to winter for our "rainy season" and whales to Fall, Winter, and Spring for our "whale season" ha ha

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Seasons Activities ★ Four Seasons Activities ★ Seasons Flipbook ★ Seasons Flip Book || This 12-page resource consists of templates that can be used to create a flipbook on the four seasons. Students write about the weather, clothes, sights, smells, sounds, food, and activities they associate with winter, spring, summer, and fall/autumn. || Seasons Interactive Notebook | Seasons Printables

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The would be a fun activity to incorporate as a review. Students can choose a color or draw a picture for each season, describe the weather or a favorite activity for each season, and write specific special days for each season.

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