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Motel Emmet Dress in Black Seattle Shimmer

The Beatles - this shot was taken at the Edgewater Hotel on the Seattle waterfront.

The Beatles were famously (!) fishing out the window of their hotel suite at the Edgewater INN in Seattle, Washington. They filled the Coliseum in 1964 -- The Edgewater Hotel was to Seattle, what the white lines on Abbey Road are to Fans, to this day.

September 4th 1962, Elvis leaving the Columbia Inn Motel, Kalama, WA, about 140 miles south of Seattle. After sleeping through the day, Elvis and his crew continued the drive northward, finally arriving at the New Washington Hotel at about 1 a.m. Even at that hour, about 300 teenagers were there to greet him,ready for the commencement of filming at Century 21 or the more well known name 'The Seattle World's Fair' the next morning. Elvis was accompanied by his entourage.

September Elvis with Billy Smith leaving the Columbia Inn Motel, Kalama, Washington. Yes, we had an Elvis sighting in my hometown.

Unassuming Observations

Unassuming Observations

Well known for his neutral, objective and almost indifferent images, Stephen Shore (b. broke the mould when he made his photographic debut in the