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Gas on the Front: Second Battle of Ypres

The Second Battle of Ypres was fought April 22 to May 25, 1915 during World War I. Releasing poison gas, German forces attacked Allied positions with the goal of reducing the Ypres salient. In the resulting Second Battle of Ypres, the Allies gave ground but were able to hold the town.


Pals War: The Second Battle of Ypres (Paperback)

Pals War: The Second Battle of Ypres

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Dan Snow: Second Battle of Ypres - The Dawn of Chemical Warfare -

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The Battle of Ypres 1915 Cost 6000 Canadian Casualties

Maui, Qiana (sec 1): In 1915, the second Battle of Ypres established the reputation of the Canadians as a fighting force. This is a picture of the place after the battle ended.


An overview of the battles to date Ypres 1915 Second Battle of Artois May 9th May- June 18th 1915: Second Battle of Artois, Aubers Ridge and Festubert The Second Battle of Artois, which took place from May 9-18 May1915, marked a new extremity of savage and ultimately futile violence on the Western Front. Undaunted by a series of costly failures, including major French attacks rebuffed in Champagne and St. Mihiel and the British Pyrrhic gains at Neuve Chapelle, French chief of the general…


Trench Warfare #2- The Second Battle of Ypres.


1915: The Second Battle of Ypres, April 22-May 25, marks the first time that Germany uses poison gas on a large scale on the Western Front.


Hell in Flanders Fields: Canadians at the Second Battle of Ypres by Cassar, George H.


The second battle of Ypres was the first time people (German)used chlorine gas as a weapon. Germans had on gas masks(which they invented)when they used chlorine gas as a grenade. This weapon was illegal in war and if you were caught with it you would be killed. 6,000 people died of suffer-cation due to gas or from the ensuing attack. The interesting fact is that although the Germans were unfair the Canadians held their ground and never lost to Them.