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You can lie and say you don't have those feelings for me, but we both know you're full of shit. let's be honest, real, and move the fuck on.

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I'm ready to settle for someone who can't wait to see me again and isn't afraid to show it or say it.

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If you become someone's second priority, never allow them to be your first. Eventually they'll admit to being bad at math, but you'll have already done that calculation for them.

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yeahyuh i always was but i don't care now cuz I'm better off without you and i now have something way more amazing! :)

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After what you did I had no choice but feel like I was your back-up plan, so to speak. You told me you wanted to recapture some of your youth, but now it seams it was just a ruse for you trying to see if you could find someone better and replace me.

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