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Secondary School Teacher Salary


Thriving on a Teacher's Salary #1

Tips on how to thrive on a teacher's salary. Living on a teacher's salary isn't easy and I don't have all of the answers, but I have learned some things that I want to share with you. Read more at

Provides a high school education to 300 boys and girls annually in eastern Tanzania, by supporting Nianjema Secondary School. Funds student scholarships, teacher salaries, and building construction and maintenance.

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Algebra - Graphing Linear Equations Common Core Activity - Salary Analysis

Students will apply their knowledge of y=mx+b to graph the monthly salaries of four different jobs. The activity offers a choice of giving the job descriptions on task cards or at the top of the graphing worksheet.Students will work together to understand and graph the salaries (each with a different y-intercept based on a signing bonus or start-up cost), then they will answer questions about the salaries earned over time.

FREE Printable Solar System ID Flashcards - LOVE these watercolor galaxy planets & moon cards for kids! Cool for trading cards, homeschool lessons, reports and more! Perfect for teacher classrooms.

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How much teachers get paid — state by state

Map shows data for 2013 that represent the estimated average annual salary of teachers in public elementary and secondary schools.

Help Send 4 Haitian Children to Secondary School for 6 Months 88,800 DAILY CLICKS FUND THIS PROJECT Decades of natural disasters and political turmoil have depleted the country of an educated workforce. As a result, few teachers in Haiti receive formal training. Without a secondary education, a young Haitian is unable to find a good job or attend college. And so the cycle of poverty continues. You can help.

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Lab Report Grading Rubric - High School

HIGHLY-detailed yet easy-to-use rubric makes grading high school lab reports both thorough and clear. Students won't have to guess where their scores come from, and neither will you! 1) Intro (objective & abstract) 2) Materials/Procedures 3) Data 4) Calculations 5) Conclusions