The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton | 37 Books With Plot Twists That Will Blow Your Mind
This minimalist, best-of-the-best summer reading guide is just 5 books, because the hardest part is deciding what to read next.
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Won this one! It's a big book! Full of goodness I'm certain.   A compelling tale of love, loss and betrayal this is a wonderful read from a gifted storyteller.
From the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of The Distant Hours, The Forgotten Garden, and The House at Riverton, a spellbinding new novel filled with mystery, thievery, murder, and enduring love... The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. Buy this eBook on Kobo: #kobo #DowntonAbbey
Secret Keeper Girl website - filled with awesome info for moms and daughters and tour info
The Secret Keeper. Haven't bought this yet. But I will! And it will be just as enchanting.......
Nah but what if, like, 'cause he knew all the possible time lines, he confused what had happened and what hadn't? Like, he's ready to congratulate Adam and Ronan before stopping and being like 'wait...has this happened yet?'
A Girl's Guide to Best Friends and Mean Girls  Friends can make or break the life of a tween girl. That’s why bestselling author Dannah Gresh, popular speaker and creator of the Secret Keeper Girl events, and youth educator Suzy Weibel have developed this resource that targets the hearts of tween girls as they grow in and pursue friendships.  A Girl's Guide to Best Friends and Mean Girls springs from the life and example of Jesus, a tween girl’s true BFF.
37 Books With Plot Twists That Will Blow Your Mind
from Secret Keeper Girl....print for Abby's room
The Secret Keeper - Sandra Byrd. Please, take a look here and vote! here, and here: It is for a good cause, I promise!
Secret Keeper Girl: How to talk to your daughter about shaving