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You scared me...and then I was too afraid to lose you. That's Love. #nomorefear

Love quote idea - "Darling, you are all I ever wanted love to be." {Courtesy of The Poetic Project}

I am afraid that will never happen, because I love you so much a miss you  like crazy

I saw you for like the last time today three hours ago. As soon as you dropped me back off at my house, I texted you and said I miss you. And I still dk

Realize that most of your fears are much bigger in your mind than they are in reality; you’ll see this for yourself as soon as you face them. Don’t let them stop you. Live your life so that you never have to regret the chances you never took, the love you never let in, and the gifts you never gave out.

Leaving an abusive relationship is worth the scariness of a major change. And you will not regret leaving.

I just need to remember that he will always come home to ME. He loves me and even after 7-9 month deployments, he still loves me and will still return to me, no matter what.

*I hope to be seeing you soon^ and it will be better than anything else. I miss you.