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money plant / monnaie du pape (lunaria annua); saint-guilhem-le-désert, languedoc, france | STILL

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Lotus Seed Pods by naturalnomad, Artist Study , circles , Art Featuring Circles, Inspiration for CAPI Students at , circles, kreis, symbology , metaphor, emotion, idea, art

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Mother Nature is such a great designer! Ludwigia alternifolia L. Bushy Seedbox Onagraceae — Evening Primrose family.

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Apple of Peru 1575, Seed Pods and Seed Picture , Photo Metaphor and Inspiration for CAPI Art Students at, seed, pod, nature, science, plant, beginnings, life

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I like the way you can see the inside of this seed pod. This will help me get better ideas/ways to make the seed pod seethrough

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Coral Bean - The red seeds of Coral Bean (Erythrina herbacea) remain nestled in their open pod in the back yard of our vacation rental near Pawleys Island. They are toxic to humans, and since they have persisted into the late Winter it seems likely that there are no animals there that eat them.

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