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I used to be tired all the time too. 'Segmented sleep' solved that

I used to be tired all the time too. 'Segmented sleep' solved that | Peter Papathanasiou | Opinion | The Guardian

Letter of Recommendation: Segmented Sleep

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Awake Again: Is It Insomnia or Just Segmented Sleep? (Op-Ed)

Waking up throughout the night may be frustrating, but there's reason to head back to bed with a mind at ease: Segmented sleep is normal, and without the anxiety you may avoid insomnia.

Experts Suggest Your Ideal Sleep Duration (Infographic)

A diverse panel of experts recommend new, age-specific sleep suggestions. How much sleep do you need?

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Source: | Original Post Date: October 2, 2014 - Evidence continues to emerge, both scientific and historical, suggesting that the way in which the majority of us currently sleep may not actually be good for us. In 2001, historian Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech p

Ronald E Riggio Ph.D. Cutting-Edge Leadership There May Be a Better Way to Sleep One approach to sleep has been the norm throughout human history. Why not now? Posted Nov 03, 2015

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"Sleep We Have Lost" - Historical references to humans typically having two shorter periods of sleep instead of one period of sleep. Fascinating!