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Selena Gomez on Wizards of Waverly Place. Forget Forever - Selena Gomez (music video) #EarthosHDTV/ Disney and Venus Canada. (d-playlist) #D_ChanHDTVi To bring and maintain CLEAN water for the entire planet!. Partners With Earthship Solutions . and Utopian Ideals. (NGO)


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11 Flaw-Free GIFs From Selena Gomez's Flaw-Free New Music Video


Quiz: Which Selena Gomez Music Video Girl Are You

It’s been quite some time since Selena Gomez‘s Disney Channel days. And, as her career has grown over the years, we’ve seen many different sides of the “Same Old Love” singer — in her music videos, that is. From different outfit choices to changing dating styles, and even a change in her overall sound, Selena’s …