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The T5-52 truck mounted gun-howitzer was developed by Denel Land Systems. First prototype of this artillery system was revealed in 2002. It is a South African counterpart to the French Caesar truck-mounted howitzer, developed to meet the potential requirements of India. Development of this artillery system is completed, however there were no confirmed sales.

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list of top 10 self propelled artillery based on performance characteristics such as fire power and range

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AS-90 (Artillery System for the 1990s) lightly armoured self-propelled artillery piece (155mm) of the British Army since 1993. It can travel 230 miles on a tank of gas (assuming "road" conditions), fire up to 3 rounds every 10 seconds (atypical), and reach targets up to a maximum range of 30 miles. It is used by five regiments of the Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Artillery.

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The Self Propelled 155mm "Doorknocker" or "Bunker Buster" - You Will Not Believe The Holes This Could Punch! -

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self propelled artillery | Bereg 130-mm Self-Propelled Gun |

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Wespe self-propelled artillery of 2nd Panzer Division during Operation Citadele. #worldwar2 #tanks

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