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6 Self-Watering Pots and Planters for Forgetful Minds

Self-watering pots and planters will keep your plants’ thirst quenched and your container garden thriving whether or not you're at home!

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Natural balance flowerpot, self watering pot, water reservoir flowerpot, balance mechanism lorier

A flowerpot which waters the plant according to its needs. When a refill is needed the pot tips over. The pot contains a water reservoir. Due to the

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Build Your Own Self Watering Containers

Many versions of self watering containers, also known as self watering grow boxes, self watering pots, and self watering planters are sold online, but you can make them yourself for a fraction of the cost out of some easy to find items.

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Self Watering Pot with a wick (plant not included) - 550ml

Self Watering Pot with a wick plant not included by CUPOFLORA

Gardening Australia - Fact Sheet: Self-watering Pots

Jubel Self-Watering Pot by IKEA: Made of glass. Add water through the hole in the outer pot to keep the wicks moist. Rotate the inner pot to change the color that shows through the hole. $9.99 #Flower_Pot #Self_Watering #IKEA