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Why is it that people say they don't like cocky people? What is it about being arrogant that turns people off? What is even a more intriguing question is, why are we attracted to confidence? Think of the most popular celebrities, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Jay-Z. What is it about them that makes us like them but then people like Kanye, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus get labeled cocky or arrogant? The truth is they are very similar traits and if we are not careful, we can easily become arrogant…


Whether it's a person or a place or a book or a series I have always found send offs to be their own sort of beautiful. // my book Playing With Fire is available via the link on the home page. xo.


Let the devil go and focus on the good in your life the people that truly love u and care for u your daughter and your wife not someone who doesn't care and only uses u and proved that too u. She only uses men to get what she wants and has numerous in the side and a husband at home or working to support her while she messed around on him.


No one is ever too busy to send a text or reply, never again. You dont reply i will back off big time.


10 ways to make someone smile: 1. Write a note to say “thank you” 2. Set a fun screensaver or desktop on their computer 3. Buy them their favorite sweets 4. Send them an unexpected card 5. Do their chores 6. Make their favorite breakfast 7. Wrap up a surprise present 8. Make a mini photo album 9. Give them a day off 10. Put together a book of their achievements


“O Aisha, love the poor and let them come to you and Allah will draw you near to Himself.” (Bukhari)


Every Friday we provide you a quote which you can take and share with your significant other OR retype into a text and send it to her. "I'm much more me when i'm with you." Start your weekend off strong!

Every Friday we provide you a quote which you can take and share with your significant other OR retype into a text and send it to her. "I like you a lottle. It's like a little except a lot." Start your weekend off strong!

35 Quotes on Life

Yep.... All the time! Often comes off as having no backbone. People who don't understand my silence and let me deal with myself...apparently never knew me very well.


There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your…

I guess there are some people who cannot "control" their loyalty to their husband...or "control" their ability to tell the truth


That is true. Some days I do get very impatient tho. I admit it. I ask only for strength to persevere for what is meant for me and for grace to lift off of my heart that which is not, sending it off with a gentle, grateful, loving breath.


Please. No Joel Osteen tonight. I'm going to throw up. I think your vision of future is better than mine. I'm concerned about getting through a couple phone calls. Need the clients, really really depressed.

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Besides, spotlights will eventually turn off... but your inner light is Forever!


It takes a long time to piss off a Capricorn. We can handle a lot. Capricorns are good at holding in our feelings and letting a LOT of things slide. You where actually able to push ME to the point of no return, you're done. If you some how achieved this. Your a complete fucking idiot.


“Beware the tyranny of the straight line.” We loved Janet Napolitano's commencement speech at Northeastern. Check out more inspiring send-off quotes on the Daily Fix!

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