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Ideas for Senior Citizen Prom Parties

One activity to hold at a senior citizen center is a prom night. Hosting a prom for senior citizens lets everyone dress up, dance and feel special. A prom for elderly folks is slightly different than a prom for teenagers so there are some extra considerations to take into account to ensure everyone has a memorable time.

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Stay Fit in Your Senior Years

You may not be as nimble as you once were, but that shouldn't stop you from working out and maintaining your health and fitness as you get older.

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Exercises to Flatten the Stomach for Senior Citizens

When you breathe in, your lungs expand and the intercostal muscles, which connect one rib to another, lengthen. If your intercostals are tight, movement of...

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Responsibilities of a Senior Citizen Center Director

A senior citizen center director organizes recreational activities for seniors.

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Would You Visit A Theme Park That Wants To Crush, Burn, And Drown You?

<p>As envisioned by Hong, the Risk Theme Park would stand in the middle of the South Korean city of Daegu, above an existing fire station, police station, and senior citizen center.</p>

Exercise is Medicine. Instructor Freida McIntire leads seniors through a workout during the Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness Program at the Flowood YMCA in Flowood Wednesday.

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