Geezer Saying: Yes, I'm a Senior Citizen

Yes, I'm a Senior Citizen. I'm the life of the party until 8 p. but I'm having the time of my life.

Automatically thought of hake from adventure time "makin bakin pancakes bakin pancakes"

So Bored In Class

Funny pictures about Bored In Class. Oh, and cool pics about Bored In Class. Also, Bored In Class photos.

The Book of Senior Jokes: The Ones You Can Remember

The Book of Senior Jokes: The Ones You Can Remember

Study your Bible - funny Christian joke of the week!

Study your Bible! -- SDA, Seventh Day Adventist, funny meme, Christian humor, news paper story

FAVORITE SENIOR JOKES BOOK. Great Jokes for Senior Citizens.

A fresh, funny look at seniordom that features humor, hope, and harmony to those over 50 who've become 'senior before their time.

Hilarious senior jokes | Funny - BabaMail

A great selection of hilarious senior jokes.

Maxine on Betty White!

Maxine: Betty White proves that a gal's sense of humor doesn't have to go south just 'cause everything else does.

My memory is gone Mildred, so I changed my password

My memory really sucks, Mildred, so I changed my password to 'incorrect'. That way when I log in with the wrong password, my computer will tell me: "your password is incorrect"

Over the Hill, Getting Old, Senior Citizen Retirement Humor - Old age jokes cartoons and funny photos

Funny pictures about Senior texting code. Oh, and cool pics about Senior texting code. Also, Senior texting code.

Too many stupid things

Age doesn't make you forgetful. Having way too may stupid things to remember makes you forgetful.