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14 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Isolation

Considering the demonstrated risks and the increasing prevalence of this issue, it’s certainly worth addressing how we can promote social integration at the larger social level, among our older loved ones, and even ourselves – for it has been shown that family caregivers are themselves at a high risk of social isolation.


SHADOW - A1093448 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/18/16**SENIOR NEEDS RESCUE ONLY** Poor Shadow – At 9 years-old the only family he ever knew and loved surrendered him to the ACC, turned and walked away, leaving this boy feeling fearful and rejected. To make matters worse, he was only at the ACC three days before he was put on the EUTH LIST! Shadow is a handsome, male, black Cocker Spaniel who lived with his adult family. He may have loved them, but whe


MICKEY - A1091884 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 10/18/16 *** SECOND CHANCE TONIGHT FOR MICKEY!!! OH MICKEY YOU’RE SO FINE!!….MICKEY is a super senior who is 15 and shy…..He’s having a tough time at the shelter right now and he’s not eating. That’s serious for big guys (16 lbs) like MICKEY. This poor guy lost his owner suddenly and now he is scared and confused and he’s already on the timid side. He was afraid of the children h


APPLEPIE - A1093172 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/16/16 ** NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY DUE TO MEDICAL ** SWEET SENIOR ** Applepie arrived wagging his tail, this sweet twelve year old Shih Tzu mixed stray was named after an all American treat, but there is nothing happy about what is going to happen to him tomorrow. Applepie is listed to be destroyed because he needs medical care, his aging body needs to be seen by a real Vet to check him out, not die in an overcr


How to Help a Senior Loved One Downsizing Possessions

The prospect of downsizing can be a difficult one for seniors facing the move to assisted living.


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LAZY-GORDO - URGENT - L.A. COUNTY ANIMAL CARE CONTROL: CARSON SHELTER in Gardena, CA - Senior Male Pit Bull Terrier (he doesn't look senior to me, but he is rather thin)


MAGGIE - A1093007 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/15/16 **ON PUBLIC LIST** SENIOR BEAGLE – Oh boy! Maggie is an example of the ACC at its finest. Just look at her shelter notes. First they list her as a “female” and then a few lines later as an “intact male” She came in on 10/10 and notes state “Behavior while with finder: Maggie allowed her finder to pick her up and pet her with no issues…Maggie allowed staff to take


***SENIOR ALERT! 10/7/16 Meet Rufus, an adoptable Senior Labrador Retriever looking for a forever home. Tomball TX