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Sensory Cortex Function

The top image shows the four main sections of the cerebral cortex: the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the occipital lobe, and the temporal lobe. Functions such as movement are controlled by the motor cortex, and the sensory cortex receives information on vision, hearing, speech, and other senses. The bottom image shows the location of the brain's major internal structures.

somato+sensory+cortex | Dorsal Column-Medial Lemniscal Pathway


Drinking fermented milk improved women's brain function to task-related responses and for emotions. After the four weeks, those women who drank the probiotic milk had significantly different brain activity changes. Their task-related responses increased, and their activity within the sensory cortex regions changed, which was dramatically illustrated during rest periods. Their midbrain connectivity increased, which the researchers concluded probably explained their task-related response…


Cerebrum (4 lobes) cerebellum what is the motor cortex and sensory cortex where are they? VOLUNTARY MOVEMENT AND SENSES (TACTILE)


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THE MOTOR CORTEX-from "The Brain from Top to Bottom". Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources


Ok.. i pinned from the site but found this on a board used by a elementary teacher.. she had this listed as a fantastic reference guide.. I say it's not just offensive it's DISGUSTING! & WRONG!. Look closely.. since when is poverty a behavior/mental heath issue! "Oh your mommy and daddy are poor, ah its to bad that makes you unable to be taught" ARE YOU F#*!*^# SERIOUS!

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Children's sensory book

Fatto a mano colorato sensoriale libro per bambini. Grande divertimento per qualsiasi bambino.

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More Ways to Use an Exercise Ball for Sensory Therapy

An Exercise Ball is great for kids with sensory processing disorder or SPD. These exercising challenge the vestibular system, strengthen the core, and make the child cross midline.