Sensory Issues In Toddlers

Is Lack of Sleep Making Your Anxious Kids Worse? How to Help!

Sleep and anxiety go hand in hand. They are best buds. A child therapist explains why this is and how you can help.

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Sensory Processing- Find out more in Toddlers & ADHD by Donna Mac or

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Turning My Picky Eater Around: An Easy to Follow Plan

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How Your Child’s Sensory Processing Issues May Change Over Time

As kids grow older, their sensory processing issues may appear differently. Young children with sensory processing issues might be extremely fussy. In grade school, they might be awkward and have difficulty with transitions. And as teenagers, they may have trouble figuring out personal space.

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How to Set Up Sensory Kids For Success in a New Classroom

Get a plan for your child with sensory needs from this pediatric OT and mom to help them succeed in school!

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Sensory bags are so neat, and it seems like everybody's doing them these days, but in the kids activities world, when everyone...

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ADHD: It's More Than Just Too Much Sugar and Screen Time (the root is in the gut

ADHD: Just Limiting Sugar and Screen TIme Isn’t Enough- It’s a gut health issue | Health, Home, & Happiness

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