Besta CD-918 2 Way Chinese-English Sentence Translator Electronic Dictionary by Besta. Save 20 Off!. $399.99. ? Fedword Cloud Database Complements the built-in dictionaries by searching for words across the Internet and even Wikipedia to offer English - Chinese explanations, images and other relevant content ? Built-in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (English-Chinese) 4th edition and Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary 7th edition ? Built-in The Stand...

Oxford Dictionaries has updated its offerings with a number of new words, so, naturally, we held a contest to see who could use the most in a single sentence.

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Commonly misspelled English words - #infographic -- Created by Your Dictionary, a super user-friendly online dictionary and thesaurus, the chart lists words that are most commonly misused and misspelled. - Each card includes the definition of the word and an example of using it in a sentence. - Via Design Taxi.’s Word of the Day - amaranthine - unfading; everlasting: a woman of amaranthine loveliness.

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Besta CD575S English-Chinese Sentence Dictionary With approximately 300,000 searchable words, 43,000 sample sentences. Use upgraded Live Voice with real human voice pronunciation. Include word form, spelling, roots, meaning, variation, synonym & antonym and related words. Explain key points with innovative real human teaching to help learning. Provide sample sentences, grammar, explanation, word components, phrases and multimedia data for reference. Users can cross search in Oxfor..

This activity is going to be for third grade students who will need scaffolding regarding the synonym square but who will use resources to find the definition of words in the third grade using the internet or a physical dictionary. This template is a general outline of what students should be working on while reading texts and finding new words they don't understand. The template can be completed together with the teacher and used to assess where students are with their sentence writing.

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