The Brown Family - Brown vs. Board of Education  Topeka, Kansas
Separate but Equal: Segregation in the Public Schools
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Charles Hamilton Houston, the African-American attorney who led the NAACP's attack on racially segregated education.
Charles Hamilton Houston, Esq.  The Man Who Killed Jim Crow     He devised a strategy. He attacked the "separate but equal" theory his real thought behind it was that "All right, if you want it separate but equal, I will make it so expensive for it to be separate that you will have to abandon your separateness." demanding equalization of salaries for teachers, equal facilities in the schools and all of that.    In 1934, Houston to filmed the lives of poor blacks students in the South
Homer Plessey (1862-1925) the man in the middle of the 1896 Supreme Court ruling that confirmed the rule of "separate but equal" in U.S. law. Plessey was a light-skinned Creole of European and African descent. He was arrested and jailed in 1892 for sitting in a Louisiana railroad car designated for white people only.
By Captain John K. Hafner – It is a calm, cool evening in a remote stretch of the Mediterranean. Far from busy shipping lanes and scattered fleets of fishing boats, two ships prepare to rendezvous and conduct underway replenishment operations. One is a U.S. Navy destroyer, the other, a large Military Sealift Command (MSC) oiler. Both ships come into visual range, and soon the destroyer is in position on the starboard quarter of the oiler, awaiting the signal to come alongside…