Server humor

Server humor

The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme was one of the top memes of It features a girl who has all the best intentions, but just never learned how to give he (Page


Mostly accurate - especially when we hit our pop. "Oh, you have an empty section? Lemme just sit everybody at once so they can all get up at the same time.

When you’re juggling four different hot plates at once. | The 21 Best Server Memes On The Internet

The 21 Best Server Memes On The Internet

When you're juggling four different hot plates at once.- annoys me when my hands are full with plates and customers expect me to finda space on the table full of their phones, glasses cases, keys, and drinks.move your shit assholes

I know right...  The nerve of some minding others people's business... #girl-bye!! #sit down and #myob ♥katt williams

The nerve of some minding others people's business. down and ♥katt williams 🙄 so true!

For anyone whos ever worked as a server - Meme Guy

How many servers does it take to change a light bulb? - that's not my fucking sidework!

Basically. And this is why everyone should have to work both kitchen and floor!

Saved by the girls! Bloodied juvenile lion suffers two-hour savaging from older male that only ends when two females protect him

When a Young Lion Was Attacked, Two Lionesses Stepped In. The Photos Are Breathtaking. The last line is awesome.

Most employees in restaurants are not allowed to touch the thermostat. I don't even know where the one in my restaurant is.

server life~~~ ugh don't order hot tea when you go out to eat. unless you tip me good. I don't wanna keep going back and refilling your stupid cup of tea with hot water and tea bags. Its fucking annoying. Fuck you hot tea drinkers.