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Scaling SSL With IIS 8 Server Name Indication (SNI) | Peter Viola

DO YOU NEED A GOOD HOST? TO SERVE YOU BETTER SPEEDS YOU DESIRE IN YOUR? THEN LOOK FOR IT NO MORE, JUST FOLLOW OR CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!!! This article describes how to generate and install a self-signed SSL certificate. Note: Most Web Hosting servers support Server Name Indication (SNI), which means SSL certificates do not …

Polycom CX600 (2200-15987-025) The Polycom CX600 IP phone delivers all the features included in Microsoft Communications Server 14 environments to provide a cost effective mainstream. It features Polycom HD Voice technology for crystal-clear calls and robust interoperability with the Communications Server 14 platform maximizing productivity for office and cubicle workers. Featuring embedded Microsoft Communicator 14 software the CX600 delivers a rich user interface for placing receiving and…

Pro 5ft. USB to RS485 / RS422 FTDI Chip by GEARMO. $34.95. ?Compatible with: Windows 7 32/64, Vista 32/64, Server 2003/8, XP 32/64, 2000, ME, 98Se, Mac and Linux ?Indication LED's for Power, TX and RX ?Plug and Play USB to RS485 Converter ?No power supply needed ?No IRQs, DMA or required. No IRQ Conflicts ?3 feet (1 meter) cable ?Baud rate: 300bps to 1Mbps ?USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant ?Automatic send data control ?Auto detection of data speed ?Zero delay automa...

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There's a paradox at the heart of the focus on Hillary Clinton's health

Hillary Clintons heated defense of the money she has raised from Wall Street and other interests wont cut it. Her protests contradict the basic case that virtually all Democrats and reformers have made for getting big money out of politics.

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Microsoft's new Online Backup Service Beta for Windows 8 Server lets users backup and restore server files (except system state) in high-availability Windows Azure blobs at an unspecified Microsoft Data Center. The beta version offers 10 GB of no-charge data storage. Currently, there's no indication of what storage charges for the release version will be.

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HP is working on a smartphone and tablet that will run on Android - If we needed a sign that smartphones are now the dominant tech force then we may be about to get our clearest indication yet. HP, yes the company tha...