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'Session Hijacking' is an old and routine topic in the field of application security. To make it more interesting, in this article, we are going to focus o

Hack Facebook Account By Cookie Stealing And Session Hijacking Wiith Wireshark 2016

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Session Hijack and Session Hijacking : Basics

Session hijack is the method used for hijacking a password protected session to gain unauthorized access in communication between 2 computers including Internet.

Session Hijacking is used to exploit a valid computer session to gain control of a computer system allowing aceess to its information & Services . For more details about session hijacking using wireshark visit the link

QRLJacking or Quick Response Code Login Jacking is a simple social engineering attack vector capable of session hijacking affecting all applications that rely on “Login with QR code” feature as a secure way to login into accounts. In a simple way, In a nutshell victim scans the attacker’s QR code results of session hijacking.

Crack in Internet's foundation of trust allows HTTPS session hijacking

Crack in Internet's foundation of trust allows HTTPS session hijacking Attack dubbed CRIME breaks crypto used to prevent snooping of sensitive data.

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