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Day 6 of Gastroparesis Month — Bloating & Distension

Gastroparesis ‪#‎GastroparesisAwarenessMonth‬ Day 6 ‪#‎Bloating‬ & ‪#‎Distension‬. With ‪#‎Gastroparesis‬ the feeling of bloating can happen frequently and on top that, your stomach can actually become distended! Depending on the severity of symptoms and what you may be able to eat can cause your stomach to distend a little or to the point a looking pregnant. There’s no one way to fix the distension & bloating. We need ‪#‎awareness‬, we need a cure. ‪#‎CureGP‬.


Jillian Michaels cleanse


"I had such a great experience with Flat tummy tea, I had purchased this tea and had never got around to using it, until I was admitted to hospital and had a cystic stomach rupture. I had pretty severe bloating and I looked so pregnant even though I wasn’t. After being discharged I got home and decided to give the tea a go, My bloating went away so fast and so pain free that I have nothing but good things to say! I am so grateful for Flat Tummy Tea and its natural ingredients." Nicole.Read


IBS Bloating Relief: 10 Helpful Remedies - Grumpy Stomach


Sometimes you just need to cleanse the "toxins" out of your system. I highly recommend this for severe bloating and detoxification

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Ten-month-old orangutan rescued after being starved by owner

Jan 2015 / The baby orangutan who couldn't grow up... because it was kept in a chicken coop: Ten-month-old animal who knew only pain and hunger because owner never gave it food


Gas and severe bloating is a frequent complaint of individuals enduring candida infection. But, individuals need not continue to endure this mortifying issue; yeast intake should be decreased, food intake should be corrected and the change can be enjoyed. Discover how Whitney Frazier's amazing cookbook can help you stay healthy for life! For more details, visit


Food Safety News | Breaking News about Food Safety A reactive arthritis may develop after a person eats food that has been tainted with the pathogenic bacteria. Many patients will get severe bloating, abdominal pain, and watery diarrhea.


Extreme bloating, stop belly bloat even if you eat healthy and still constantly swollen. How to fix a severely bloated stomach at the root cause; not just temporary relief. Never bloat again!