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June 25 2013 severe storm nw of Wapella, IL..I am using a Coolpix p510, so my 1st attempt at HDR, is not as crisp as a photo shot in raw.

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Top 10 Weather Photographs: April 30th, 2016 "Lightning Rocks Oklahoma" – Soooo tonight we had a fun little severe storm stroll through Gould, Oklahoma. Lightning hit a house and up in flames it went. Impressive structure. And then this jackpot shot!!! Straight off my iPhone 6s!

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It’s going to be a white Christmas for the upper Midwest as snow storm #Draco continues to pass through. Prepare your home and family with these #winter storm #tips in case you find yourself caught in the snow:

Some states in America are experiencing severe storms, floods, and heavy rains, leading to not just the loss of lives, but long term repercussions such as water-logging, power outages, and damaged property.

Hail pours out from a home down-spout during a severe storm which later produced a tornado which knocked down power lines, damaged homes and businesses in Oklahoma.

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How To Get Federal Assistance To Build A Storm Shelter How To Get Federal Assistance To Build A Storm Shelter photo: Do you live in an area where severe storms occur from time to time? The weather

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Severe Storm Emergency Checklist

When severe weather hits there is absolutely no time to go to the store for supplies, so it is important that you build you & your family an emergency kit

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Severe Weather/ Storms Mini Unit

23 page mini unit all about storms and severe weather *Severe Weather included are hurricanes, tornadoes, thunder storms, and blizzards. Table of Contents 1. Vocabulary Cards (1 pg.) 2. Severe Weather Mini Book (10 pgs.) 3. Tornado In a Bottle Experiment (3 pgs.) 4.

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Logan County, OK

~~Turn Back Now | The hail core of a severe storm looms over this Logan, Oklahoma dirt road | by Jason Branz~~

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