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How do I politely ask him to slam me against the wall and make out with me? Kiss like crush crushing kissing boyfriend aggressive

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You know...I knew how to love Tracing my fingers across your body. Teasing you. Kissing you. Tasting you. Letting you ride. Flowing together as one. You remember...that I can make the sweetest love to no other. You remember...Ruby...

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Image result for dirty sexy quotes for him

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17 Quotes To Get You Pumped Up For A SEXY Weekend With Your BOO

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30 humor Quotes about Husband

I know I can be a pain in the ass. I know I'm difficult, but you are strong enough to take me and make me so much better. I love you for putting up with my crap. ~SJC

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“When you are so in love that all it takes is one look to turn you on.” | #turnon #love #sex #quotes

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