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Sexy asian men. Ok, I'm having some problems remembering names this morning. Can someone tell me his name? I've seen him before in several dramas.

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Used to be the exclusive territory for women, the 'crown' (pun intended) is now shared with men who also want to look good. Despite being biologically and culturally shorter and less voluminous than its counterpart's, men's hair is never deprived of style and vanity.

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jay park | Jay Park e Dok2 revelam clipe de "It’s The Truth" (1HUNNIT) | Soompi ...

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Godfrey Gao Covers Harper's Bazaar Men Thailand

I'm sorry I know its basic but please excuse me while I can't even Mr. Godfrey Gao errybody

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most similar to your hair, methinks. would require product to keep in order, but that should be do-able

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The ten most gorgeous East Asian men in the world

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Meet Hideo Muraoka, Your New Favorite Male Model

This is him actually making me faint. | Meet Hideo Muraoka, Your New Favorite Male Model

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Daniel Henney, half-Korean male model, the Gisele Bundchen of Asian male models

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Could so see this as Teo's son later on in life. That smirk. >.< //Godfrey Gao

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10 Korean Actors Who Shouldn't Wear Shirts... Like Ever (Part 2)

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Ji Chang Wook steals your attention with his sexy abs in 'GQ' |
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godfrey gao | The handsome, sexy Asian man, Godfrey Gao... Heheheh... :)

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7 Photos of Hidden Identity's Kim Bum looking like a sexy bodyguard

reference, photo, man, pose,Kim Bum, Oh my hot! Every time I look at this it turns me on! D:) I love happy smiley men! Men that love to laugh and love life! So wonderful to be around! I want a man like that!

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*Some NSFW beware* Some real cuties and not so cuties Long haired sexy guys! Yuji Takatori (Japanese model)

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