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Sha-na-na - a bunch of Columbia College guys who made their big premiere in a concert in 1967 on the steps of Columbia's Low Library! It was a blast! (I was there, & danced with a friend of mine - somebody was filming us, we were THAT good!)


Bowzer from Sha Na Na to rock at nonprofit benefit

Jon Bauman, best remembered as Bowzer â the muscle-flexing, 1970s rock-n-roll greaser in the band Sha Na Na, will perform at an upcoming…


Sha Na Na - Born To Hand Jive -- I would not even be able to count the number of times I've watched Grease.


Anyone remember "Bowzer"? (Lead singer of the doo-wop band and 1970s TV series, "Sha Na Na"). I remember trying to imitate his trademark pose all the time as a little kid. :-) - TC #bowzer


Ancient Crystal Skull SHA NA RA. Named for a Shaman Guide. Discovered in an actual archeological dig in Mexico. What is also unusual about the crystal skull ShaNaRa resurfacing is the way that it was found. It was located through a method called "psychic archeology" which means that the location of the find was pinpointed by intuitive guidance.


During the shows' opening after the cast and guests are mentioned Myers kicks off the show by saying "And now, here they are, all greased up and ready to sing their brains out, Sha Na Na!" while Jon "Bowzer" Bauman would close out each show by saying "Good night, and grease for peace!" with Sha Na Na singing "Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight" as their closing theme song.