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Child Labour Still Commonly Used for Colombian Coffee, Egyptian Cotton, More: US Department of Labour

Approximately million children around the world are forced into illegal activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution, child slavery/labor and recruitment for warfare.

FEMA Ordered 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles |       OBAMA is on a roll.   WHAT do you think he intends to do with these??????????    click to read more....Big Sis must be subpeoned by Congress to account for huge amno purchase, weapons,  FEMA camps, DHS armoured vehicles, and FEMA army corp.....please write your DC  reps and demand these answers. Read!

"FEMA Ordered Boxcars with Shackles and guillotines" on Project.Nsearch, written by Anna Janek, Oct. which was re-published by BeforeIt'sNews. The article claims th.

To paraphrase Einstein, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity.

I wonder if they stop and think about this? "Where did the 'stimulus money' come from, who provides the money for 'medicaid', where did the money come from for my foodstamps, I wonder who is paying for this 'youngun'?

'Belenggu (Shackled)' (Indonesia, 2012) #film http://cueafs.com/2014/08/belenggu-shackled-indonesia-2012-film-review/

Forget the popcorn and soft drinks - 'Belenggu' is a film that will need every inch of your concentration to keep up with its intricate story.

Learn how to make grandma's homemade yogurt with this recipe. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to make. #FoodRepublic

Grandma's Homemade Yogurt Recipe Homemade yogurt: don't knock it till you try it! By Laila Gohar Food Republic

Quest For Universal Consciousness    Quest For Universal Consciousness By: Anandamurti Gurumaa on Jan 27, 2012

Every individual should seek salvation, says Rishi Shvetashvatara. To attain Brahmn, knowledge alone will not suffice; action too is required. Salvation attainment demands special endeavour in keeping with laws of material science and psychology. That is karma sadhana or action. The more you proceed towards Brahmn through action, the more Brahmn will manifest in you in novel…

99 Ways To Help You Live More Consciously: How To Raise Your Vibration