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Pakistani Shami Kebabs

We Pakistanis love various types of kebabs in our food. Shami Kebabs being one example which is served with almost any main course on Pakistani dinner table. Be it with Daal Chawal, with paratha achaar, as Shami Kebab sandwich, with Peas or chicken Pulao or with afternoon tea. In some way directly o

from for the love of yum

Chicken Shami Kebabs

Chicken Shami Kebabs by fortheloveofyum: Great hot or cold! #Chicken_Kebabs #fortheloveofyum

Chicken Shami Kebabs - Shami Kebab is a traditional Kebab from Awadhi Cuisine hailing from the state of Uttar Pradesh in India and was introduced by the Moghuls.Its traditionally made using Ground Goat Meat, but I’ve used Ground Chicken. - Gluten Free

Shami kebab is very popular kebabs in Pakistan and India, but an extremely popular snack in Pakistan, these kebabs are combine of small patty minced mutton o,,,

Shami Kebab - Crispy on outside, soft and silky inside. Serve as an appetizer when entertaining guests or have for dinner with salad.