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SHANE (1953) - Alan Ladd - Jean Arthur - Van Heflin - Brandon De Wilde - Jack Palance - Ben Johnson - Edgar Buchanan – Emile Meyer – Elisha Cook Jr. – Douglas Spencer – John Dierkes – Ellen Corby - Based on the novel by Jack Schaefer – Screenplay by A. B. Guthrie Jr. - Produced & Directed by George Stevens - Paramount - Publicity Still.


Shane (1953)

Good ol Western. As simple as they get and as neat as they were made. A weary gunfighter's plans for a peaceful life dont seem to work out as the settlers are in conflict with the ranchers. There is a huge amount of tension built up with a brilliant pay off. [8/10]


Shane: George Stevens' Classic Western Film based on the short story by Jack Shaefer .Alan Ladd put in a great performance but when you read the book you'll have someone different in mind ( Maybe William Holden or Robert Ryan) I've been reading the book to my students and they loved it.


A Walk to Remember (2002)

I just had the best idea everrrr. This would be a crazy cute save the date. A walk to remember; the walk down the aisle! My favorite movie


New Movie Posters: Above & Beyond, Let us Prey, Coherence & more…


Primer (2004) cost only 7 grand to make, but is one of the best suspense/sci-fi movies I've ever seen. It's also a mind-bending experience like "Inception" and "Memento" and could require additional viewings or a rush to the Internet to figure out everything that's going on here. But it's a wonderful, trippy experience. (It's also available, either in parts or as a whole, on YouTube.)


A Walk to Remember. I love BOTH the movie and the book. Passed around a kleenex box and the book on a 14 hour car ride once. Seriously.