The woman who turned a $1,000 real estate loan into a $66 million business has much to say about entrepreneurship, success and business. We would all do well to listen.

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Watching entrepreneurial Americans pitch ideas to billionaires... does it get any better? It's like a master class in how to make a pitch. VC Angels? No, these are Sharks!

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Lessons from the Shark-Tank-tv show -

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Shark Tank- I think every High School Business class should be required to watch and discuss this show each week. A great show that is necessary in this dire economy to show people that the American Way- the inventive, creative and industrious American minds are still hard at work..

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Shark Tank - TV SHOW - One of my Favs ! sharktank fubu Cuban mavericks dallas tech tech news invention inventor create make your own luck startup startups television episode episodes show shows

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