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10 Valuable Lessons From Shark Tank For Startup Success

10 Valuable Lessons From Shark Tank For Startup Success

Starting a business is perhaps the most optimistic activity in which human beings partake. Discover the Shark Tank formula for startup success and how to avoid

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Shark Tank Roundtable - Their Top 3 Pieces of Advice

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7 Killer Quotes from Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran

The woman who turned a $1,000 real estate loan into a $66 million business has much to say about entrepreneurship, success and business. We would all do well to listen.

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Exclusive Q&A with Shark Tank's Investors

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Industrial Revolution Sales Pitch

Great unit for teaching the Industrial Revolution. The full unit is available for free at

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'Shark Tank' Wannabes: 10 Business-Based Reality TV Shows

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Well said Herjavec! One of my favorite sharks on the show. Can't wait to see more Shark Tank on Fridayyy =)

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Is ABC's 'Shark Tank' the American Idol of Venture Capital?

Shark Tank- I think every High School Business class should be required to watch and discuss this show each week. A great show that is necessary in this dire economy to show people that the American Way- the inventive, creative and industrious American minds are still hard at work..

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