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One of my favourite pictures of Shawn! I like the mixture between shy and sexy. It's very hot!

Bought Shawn Mendes's album on a whim. I really love his voice.

Providing you with all the latest news on Shawn! DM/tag me in your picture of/with Shawn and I'll post

I don't think my parents want me to have a boyfriend. They still think I'm their little muffin😭😂😂😂

My parents would say the same thing. You're not alone Shawn. Yeah, Shawn is a weird kid but he's adorable and loveable so I don't see how he doesn't have a girlfriend

Shawn mendes memes

He lives in Canada which is ok cause I live there too, the only problem is he doesn't know his my boyfriend

Image from http://shawn-mendes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/tumblr_nihvrz2v0D1tgj25qo1_1280.jpg.

Shawn Mendes and his beautiful guitar. A guitar and its beautiful Shawn Mendes! Much better!♥♡♥♡ love you Shawn!