Girls like girls (Hayley Kiyoko) Only a girl (Gia)  First time he kissed a boy (Katie Elder) Sleepover (Hayley Kiyoko) Calling Me (Aquilio) She likes Girls (Metro Stations)

LET'S DANCE — the US Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal nationwide, and that's a reason to celebrate, obviously. We couldn't be more excited for same-sex couples and unions to be recognized in all 50 states! It's time to pop some bottles and

His Eye Is On The Sparrow - #SheReadsTruth | #SheReadsTruth

His Eye Is On The Sparrow. ~ I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free, For His eye is on the sparrow, And I know He watches me.

I wrote a whole essay on why Sleeping With Sirens was my inspiration. I'm writing about Pierce The Veil next.

I do this all the time but not just with songs but with fandom quotes.

20 Of The Best Father / Daughter Dance Songs Ever

20 Of The Best Father / Daughter Dance Songs Ever

Stevie Wonder wrote the lyrics after the birth of his daughter. Stevie Wonder-Isn't She Lovely Lyrics

I was willing to compromise some of the things I love the most in order to make the relationship work. I wanted you to get over your fear of S.

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along". Adam Levine~Maroon 5 ~"She will be loved" Great song, great lyrics

Her favorite song of all, is entitled Through the Dark by One Direction, because she loves the lyrics, and the song gives her the meaning of love, which to her is, that one could do anything for love.

One Direction will help me find my way through the dark. my absolute favorite song