BBC Sherlock: Mobile Lovers by essie-morbide - Irene Adler: essie-morbide Sherlock Holmes: Shigeako Photography: Revelio Revelio came up with this awesome idea, based on an artwork by Banksy. It really fits!

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THIS GUY WINS AT LIFE.<--- Look at the two girls in the back left corner, i don't think they get it

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There's a guy cosplaying as Sherlock In A Bedsheet who's sassing people dressed as Bilbo & then going "Oh! I thought you were someone else."

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"BBC's Sherlock" by nchavez113 on Polyvore Cute! and this reminds me I still need to finish my Disney girl's on Polyvore...

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A wonderful Sherlock Cosplay << SHERLOCKING NEEDS TO BE A THING. LIKE PLANKING BUT WITH THE HAND THING. @hleewall can we do this?????

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