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The lonely - Sherlock by on @deviantART (3 june 2014) //i love this style of shading

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By Alice X. Zhang: "A straightforward sketch of Sherlock. Pencil on 9x12” Canson Drawing paper. If you’d like to purchase the original ($150), send me an ask. :)" So, so lovely. Wish I could splurge on it.

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Sherlock doesn't get enough credit for  trying not to be a violent psychopath. xD
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How can a man be so adorable that even in drawing form I want to marry him? How is that fair? Why is that allowed?

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"Don't speak, you'll lower the IQ of the whole street!" -Sherlock

Which Sherlock Character Are You?

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sherlock+bbc+fanart | Sherlock Fan Art by Weaslee ((I don't watch Sherlock, but the art is fantastic.))

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Beautiful art. I still have mixed feelings about Irene, but I adore how Sherlock seems to actually feel for her--in his own peculiar way.

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Click it! cpnblowfish: Sherlock - Mind Palace Drawing animation and progress scanned 15 times. A4 paper, mechanical pencil. Thanks to -mostly10, I used his gif as model.

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