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Sherlock ;)...But you already knew THAT. "Obviously." you answer in a Sherlockian voice...

How can a man be so adorable that even in drawing form I want to marry him? How is that fair? Why is that allowed?

anotherwellkeptsecret: Someone asked me how I draw Sherlock’s hair and the answer is very sarcastically.

The lonely - Sherlock by on @deviantART (3 june 2014) //i love this style of shading

Explaining Sherlock xD <<< that's a REALLY good picture of sherlock :) <~~ I can't stop laughing XD

What's sad is that it's insanely easy to identify them just by their eyes. That's when you know this fandom has spent FAR too long staring at pictures of them!

Sherlock Sketch by feyjane. // Hah, "sketch." I wish my sketches looked like this.

"Don't speak, you'll lower the IQ of the whole street!" -Sherlock
from Playbuzz

Which Sherlock Character Are You?

"Don't speak, you'll lower the IQ of the whole street!" -Sherlock

Usually don't like cartoons and drawings of him but this is pretty cool