Feast your eyes on the new oldest house for sale on Cape Cod. Located in Sandwich, the Cape's oldest town, the 3BR, 1.5BA dates to 1639, the very same...

The Oldest House For Sale on Cape Cod Wants $575K

These shingled homes are immediately recognizable as Cape Cods, but you'll also find the same look in the Hamptons and other tony East Coast beach burgs.

Genius Loci / Bates Masi + Architects. Expression of spirit of a particular place. Ancient Greece inspiration.

Genius Loci / Bates Masi Architects

Genius Loci Bates Masi Architects Montauk, Long Island, New York A set of bluestone bleacher steps beckons visitors when they arrive and awards them with views of the ocean.

Windamere is another Comstock cottage in Carmel, with its most eye-catching and distinguishing feature clearly being its unusually textured roof. The cedar shingles were steam-bent to curve and meander along the surfaces of the roof, a skill that is not easy to find among today’s craftsmen.

Fairytale Abodes: 15 Tiny Storybook Cottages

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Gas gangrene is a type of wet gangrene resulting from clostridial infection, especially Clostridium perfringens (welchii). Clostridia are anaerobic organisms that can survive and multiply only in tissues where there is a low oxygen tension.

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Most-Pinned Curb Appeal Ideas

A white picket fence, blooming garden, covered front porch and American flag.all in my dreams!

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Benjamin Moore Paint Colors. Benjamin Moore "Yarmouth Blue HC-150".

Can i paint our panels above the fireplace, then built in shelves? built-in bookcases with aqua planked backs and Shaker-style doors {House of Turquoise: Whitney Cutler}