Shirley Booth (August 30, 1898 - October 16, 1992) American actress (o.a. from the Oscar winning movie Come back, little Sheba).
Tonight 3-19 in 1953, the 25th Academy Awards were held - it was the first time the program was broadcast on TV. Winners included Shirley Booth (shown here) for Best Actress, Gary Cooper - Best Actor and John Ford won Best Director for The Quite Man. #SableFilms #Oscars
Shirley Booth "Hazel" I want her to live with me.
shirley booth | Ghost and Mrs. Muir: Shirley Booth and Edward Mulhare
Shirley Booth won Oscar for Best Actress  in ("Come Back, Little Sheba") in 1952
5/5/14  6:42p  The Academy Awards Ceremony 1953: Shirley Booth  Best Actress Oscar for  ''Come Back, Little Sheba''  1952  Shirley Booth  in the NYC Ceremony receives a Bouquet of Roses
Humphrey Bogart, Shirley Booth, 1922, Hells Bells