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SNAP (They All Hate Us)

shit happens, o la vida te sorprenderá con una puta mierda cuando menos te lo esperes. afirmo. fdo. luis


"Look, just leave me alone, okay?" I said sharply, slamming my locker so that it closed with a loud crash. The hurt look on her face made my heart sag inside my chest, mentally slapping myself for what I said. Marlo was only trying to help, and now I felt like a huge jackass. No-- correction, I am a huge jackass. At one point or another in my life - probably after my dad died- I suddenly stopped being nice. That makes me chuckle. I used to be nice, who would've thought?

from Bloglovin’

Photo (The Good Vibe)

Its absolutely true. Whatever you are going through someone else has done it...been there or gone through worse.


I detest that kind of apathy and insensitivity. I won't enable someone or encourage them to be lazy, but I sure as hell won't be a dick about.