This schlieren image of a T-38C was captured using the patent-pending BOSCO technique. This schlieren image of T-38C shock waves was captured using the sun’s edge as a light source and then processed using NASA-developed code.

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A new technique uses the sun and moon as backgrounds to capture visuals of supersonic shock waves as a crazy-fast jet breaks the sound barrier.

U.S. The Iconic Photo That Sent Shock Waves Throughout The World, 1968 Olympics. ~ The African-American athletes are Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

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Supernova Shock Wave Paints Cosmic Portrait [3289 x 3252]

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The “Black Widow” pulsar is moving through the galaxy at a speed of almost a million kilometers per hour, a bow shockwave due to this motion is visible to optical telescopes, shown in this image as the greenish crescent shape. The pressure behind the bow shockwave creates a second shockwave that sweeps the cloud of high-energy particles back from the pulsar to form a cocoon

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