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Students are asked to:Step1: Briefly explain each eventStep 2: Next to each CAUSE mark a number 1 through 8. #1 representing the biggest contributing factor that propelled Russia in the 1917 Revolution and #8, representing the least motivating factory.Step 3: ELABORATE on why you assigned a #1, 2, and 3 to the events that you did.Step 4: Short Essay response or discussion question

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PDF of why students should study history... great first days of school activuty. student.gif (9280 bytes)

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Click the poster to read a short essay which shares two syllables to boost your happy in a day! Read on... #notsalmon #inspirational #selfesteem

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Theme Analysis Essay: Step by Step Writing Guide for Use With Any Text

This resource is designed to guide students step by step through the process of writing a theme analysis essay and can be used with any text: a novel, short story, play, nonfiction piece, etc. Students will brainstorm themes and practice writing thematic statements before writing their own thesis for their essay. A graphic organizer of the connection between plot and theme will help students identify events connected to their chosen theme and supporting evidence (quotations) from the text.

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