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Pirate Phonics Jokes

Why does it take a pirate so long to learn the alphabet? He spends years at C!!! Kids LOVE jokes! These short videos teach them jokes as they decode words. They review beginning, middle, and ending sounds as they write the punch lines. As they write, they predict the punch line and what letter they will use next. This is GREAT for improving reading and spelling skills. Kids BEG to do this! Nothing to prep - just push play! 10 jokes for $3!

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How Things Would Change If Kids Ran The World

When you think you are having a bad day...remember this kid's face...this brings back some memories...hahahahaa....Magic Mountain anyone ever feel like they were going to fall out of the ride? I did, and pretty much felt like this little guy..hahahaha..!

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Funny Short Jokes Funny Jokes for Kids About School to Tell Friends to Tell Their Parents About Teachers in Hindi Photos

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Pepito Jokes for Spanish Learners

Pepito jokes are fun and effective for learning Spanish.

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The 21 Best Two-Line Jokes to make you laugh - SILLINESS!
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Things that amused me.

New Funny Stuff | Things that amused me. -

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