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Craft to teach the short o sound. We also give modifications to help special needs students. Great for homeschool, preschool, kindergarten and special needs. More resources can be found at #education #kids

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Short O Worksheets and Activities {NO PREP!}

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short o - No Prep Word Work Printables

This No Prep "short o" resource includes 13 printables with a focus on cvc words. Word work is perfect for kindergarten and 1st Grade.Word work9 pages Beginning sounds, word endings, matching words to pictures, and spelling cvc words.Alphabetical Order 2 pages - These printables have picture clues to assist young readers as an introduction to ABC order.Real and Nonsense Word Sort2 pages Children sound out words then sort into categories- Real or Nonsense.Annie Jewell

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Short Vowel Review. Write Missing Vowel.

**FREE** Short Vowel Review. Write Missing Vowel. Worksheet. Identify and write the missing short vowel in this printable worksheet. Your child will look at the picture, pronounce its name and identify the missing vowel in the word, then write it. #MyTeachingStation

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5 free short o activities: More Read 'n Stick mats

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Short O Worksheets and Activities {NO PREP!}

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Short O Sound Worksheet

*FREE* Short O Sound Worksheet: Practice recognizing the short vowel O sound with this printable worksheet.

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