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The Importance of a Wedding Shot List

One of the FIRST things I wanted to cover with you when it comes to weddings is the IMPORTANCE of giving your photographer a wedding shot list!! I stress this with each and every bride that I photograph! Before you ask, yes, I as the photographer do have a shot list in hand for every wedding that I shoot! I know the classic shots that need to be taken throughout the day, i.e. detail shots, ring shots, first kiss, family shots, etc. But, let's remember, this isn't MY wedding!! Just…

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Photographer's Wedding Day Checklist

Photographer’s Wedding Day Checklist | Two Blooms-Lightroom Presets & Marketing Tools for Photographers

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Wedding Photography Checklists

Most photographers will ask you if there are any particular poses or photos that you want them to capture on your wedding day. If you’re not sure what in the world you want, here’s a good list from to check and hand over to your photographer.

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Not sure who to include in your wedding photos? We have done the hard work for you! Get our checklist for family photo op combination ideas! {Krista A. Jones Photography}

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The Importance of a Wedding Shot List

The Importance of a Wedding Shot List| Virginia Wedding Photographer|Vanessa Hicks Photography — Vanessa Hicks Photography | California and Destination Wedding Photographer

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65 pictures to take on wedding day, after my s16 "disaster" im gonna need this one day

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The Ultimate Wedding Day Photo Checklist

Wedding Day Photo Checklist, bare bones ideas...I'll get together with you guys to make up a list of what you guys want.

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The 20 most romantic wedding photos

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Why You Don't Need to Give Your Photographer a Wedding Shot List

Here's how having a shot list can actually keep you from getting the wedding photos you really want | Image by Stephanie Rogers Photography

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