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WILLIAM MARSTON'S THREE-SHOT PISTOL: Marston began marketing before the American Civil War a three-shot handgun in .22 rimfire, with some examples also incorporating a sliding dagger blade on the side of the superimposed barrels. It is estimated that less than five hundred guns with the retractable blade were made, but purchasers could select either a Bowie or a spear-point blade for their pistol. The firing indicator on the side of the receiver showed which barrel was next in sequence.


So what's that RWBY thingy about? Well it's kinda like...


Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun-the Triple Crown comes equipped with longer 28″ barrels and has a fixed stock, while the Triple Threat has shorter 18.5″ barrels and a stock that can be partly disassembled. Both guns feature a single safety and does not have a barrel selector; the firing sequence for these firearms start from the lower right barrel in a clockwise fashion.


I’m going to say something that may shock some content marketers: pageviews aren’t all that. Now I’m not saying web traffic doesn’t matter as a metric, but single sessions aren’t the best t…

Watched this last night and had remembered it being good-ish and interesting. What I hadn't remembered was the on-screen real shotgun killing of a fox. Maybe I was more lax years ago, but this time that sequence so alienated me the movie gets a big "fuck you". Can't stand that stuff.

Fiction University: Don’t Speak: The Power of What’s Left Unsaid When Crafting Dialogue

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Whimsical Marin Headlands Center For The Arts Wedding

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