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Anterior view of the bones of the right shoulder, showing the clavicle (collarbone), scapula (shoulder blade), and humerus (upper arm bone).

The human shoulder is a joint consisting of bones, muscles, and ligaments.

Ligaments of the Joints anatomy poster shows location of various joints and provides views of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle. Skeletal system chart for doctors and nurses.

The two shoulders are located beneath the head connecting the arm and the chest. Each shoulder consists of 2 bones, the clavicle and the scapula, and collectively both shoulders account for 4 bones in the body.

The scapula, also known as the shoulder bone, is a triangle shaped bone located in the shoulder girdle.

Scapula [skap′yələ] - one of the pair of large flat triangular bones that forms the dorsal part of the shoulder girdle. It has two surfaces, three borders, three angles, and a prominent dorsal spine. The acromion of the scapula forms the summit of the shoulder. The coracoid process, resembling a raven's beak, accommodates the attachment of various muscles, including the pectoralis minor, and ligaments, including the trapezoid. Also called shoulder blade.

Shoulder Anatomy Animated Tutorial 7 mins. Great explanation of the Anatomy of the Shoulder! If you have 7 mins and want to better understand how you are built, I highly recommend you watch this! Parts of the Shoulder Explained: Bones Joints Ligaments Tendons Muscles Nerves Blood Vessels and Bursa


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